Friday, 4 June 2010

Baby Room Review - The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

We went to The Curve shopping mall (located about 10 minutes from our house) earlier as hubby and I were planning to get a forward facing car seat for Ben from one of the baby shops there. At first when I saw the Baby Care Room signboard, I thought its just the name of one of the baby shops there. Then I stopped and peeked inside and realized its actually a baby room!
Look at how cute the sign board and the designs are! It's luring me inside! I actually went and asked Ben whether he wants to have his 'nen-nen' (aka breast milk) just so that I can have an excuse to go inside (and take all this gorgeous photos in the room!) Hubby rolled his eyes and in a few seconds, Ben actually said 'nen-nen'! YESSSSSS!! His wish is my command!! :D So hubby left us and continued window shopping. So here is the review of the baby room:

When: 3rd June 2010
Why: Family outing to shop for Ben's forward-facing car seat.
Location: 1st floor where a lot of baby shops are located at.
Description: The baby room is surrounded with a few baby stores, there's a bookstore nearby (where daddy can go and browse for books). And there's some sofas outside that you can sit and relax too. Oh, there's also a mini playground nearby for the kids to play in.

Location of the baby room:
I'd give it 9/10. It's smacked right where most of the baby shops are. I can actually nurse Benjamin happily in the individual room which is very spacious. The remaining 1 point goes to the sign board being too cute that I almost mistaken it with a baby store sign board... oh well, since it's so cute, I don't mind! :D

I'd give it 8/10. There are 2 nursing rooms provided for breastfeeding mothers. There's a comfortable 1 seater sofa with a small side table in each nursing rooms. A power outlet can also been seen at the corner of the nursing room.
I just love seeing this sign! Makes me feel proud to still be breastfeeding Ben at 15 mths old now! :D This sign are found at the door of each nursing rooms.
At the end of the baby room, there's a wash sink with a big mirror and paper towel dispenser provided. If you noticed, there's another round shaped mirror at the corner of the wall - I think is to make it easy for the parents to watch after their very curious kids (like mine!) who will be busy checking out EVERYTHING in the baby room while you are washing your hands...
Look at that busybody boy of mine checking out the nursing room. He is just super curious and kept pushing the door in and out.
I also tried out their diaper changing station (there are 2 of them). Apart from the slightly peeled paint at the front, the station are in good condition and does its job perfectly. There's a dustbin right in between the 2 diaper changing station and you can just use your foot to tap the dustbin lid open to throw the used diapers. Hygienic! :D

Comfort Level:
I'd give it 9/10. The room has a nice setting and is comfortably lit, spacious, cosy, and I totally adored the color theme! I love purple and flowers! And the room smells nice too!

What I don't like:
#1: The door. They don't have a lock and you just swing it front or back to open or go out. The thing is, when you have a 15 months old toddler who's so curious in checking how come the door automatically swings back when there's no one pushing it and you got distracted trying to ensure he doesn't get knock by the door and they you totally forgot that the door automatically swings back to close, you get hit/knocked by the closing door. For my case, the door hit my right elbow as it was closing. It is REALLY painful and I have a blue black bruise at the spot now :(

#2: With all the spare space in the rooms, they should consider putting in some more sofas for the daddy or other family members/friends to sit and wait while still respecting the privacy of the breastfeeding mums.

Picture above showing the overall view of the room the moment you stepped into the baby room. I would definitely go here again anytime since I feel very very at ease with the baby rooms. I feel that they should just do away with the swinging door. The curtain (perhaps longer a little bit more?) itself does a good job in providing a cover for the nursing mums.



Mama Hen said...

What a great review! It looks like a very calm and inviting place. I am not fond of chipping pant either, but overall it looks nice.

Mama Hen

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

i love love this baby care room, so neat. i've never seen anything like it before!! Nice photos too =)

Anonymous said...

That's actually pretty cool. I've never seen one of those before.

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

This is probably one of the prettiest baby room I have seen! The Gardens Midvalley is arguably still the best though for having a mini potty my toddler can use hehe.

Happy Mummy said...

This is one of my favourite shopping spot as the baby room is absolutely convenient and pretty looking. ;)

AVCr8teur said...

This looks like a clean and private place for moms. I have never seen one like this before. Most of the time, moms have to do breastfeeding in the ladies room.

RoseBelle said...

So cute! I had to make my own breastfeeding sign to post up at my workplace years ago. I wish I had a sign like the one you showed.

Mama Hen said...

Have a great Friday!!

Mama Hen


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