Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Your Comments Rocks My Blog!

This is a post dedicated to all my beloved bloggy friends who commented on my blog posts regularly... I'd like to show my sincerest appreciation by giving you this award that I have personally created and designed (sorry, I'm not much of a designer...but trust me... it took me 7 attempts to come up with a decent looking award like this... :P).

Anyhoooo.... this award goes to the following bloggy friends of mine:

Hope you'll like it and post it up in your own blog! :D Here it goes:


thirdy_smom said...

hi jenny!

haven't gone online for few days! :) thanks so much thank you thank you my cyber big sis! I'll copy that on my page as soon as I got home! internet here in the office still blocking blogger! have a nice day!

Kimberly said...

Thanks so much! I really appreciate all the awards I get!

Anonymous said...

Wohooo :) Thank you very much for that lovely blog award!!! Now move to my blog again and pick up yours :-D

Dawn said...

Holy Spumoni!
I have been so busy doing, watching, laying around enjoying the kids being back in school after our blizzard that I almost missed this!
I'll blame it on the Olympics- all the blood rushing to my head from yelling at the tv. You know, maybe they CAN hear me... well, maybe?
Thanks for the award. I love it and made sure everyone knows where it came from!
Hope your Friday is a Great One!


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