Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Artwork Inside Toilet Paper Rolls...

Wow... I never thought that people can actually create art out of the insides of toilet paper rolls!

This amazing artwork created by Anastassia, an artist living in Paris. These models take few hours to make and require lots of patience. It requires cutting out tiny shapes, using tweezers to get the needed shape and then fit them inside the toilet rolls to make these detailed models. She uses paper of the same color as the roll which creates an illusion that the paper figures are a part of the roll.

The contrast of light and shadow adds an interesting dimension to these; the roll is being slowly turned towards the camera at an angle revealing just tiny parts of the sculpture at a time. Her creations seem to be inspired from everyday life as its evident from her artwork; lady sitting in a living room with a cat, students listening to a lecture or passing through a street market. Here is her blog and flickr page.

(*Selected images are taken from this site:


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