Friday, 19 February 2010

Talkative? Addicted to Blogging? Me?

I stumbled upon this website that has tons of quizzes and stuff and took this "Find Out If You Talk Too Much In Your Blog" quiz.

What you need to do is just enter your blog URL and you'll get the results. The rules of the quiz is:
This test will count how long your blog posts are and compare them against other bloggers. It's a fun, easy way to see if you're a long-winded blogger, or if you tend to keep things concise.
One thing to note: in order for this to work your blog must have an RSS feed that shows full posts, not previews of posts.

My blog result is:
383% longer? Oh wow.... THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY THREE PERCENT?!!! Am I that talkative?? Really??

And I also took another test on how addicted I was to blogging... which is kinda accurate cos' I love blogging and it has been one of my daily activities (when Ben is asleep) which helps me get through the tough day... Anyway, here it goes:
68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


5thsister said...

Hmmmmm. Mine were 250% longer.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

LOL Polly! :D

Debbie said...

I've taken that addicted quiz before and let me just tell you, my number is much higher than yours! And I bet my verbosity score would be too! Oh well.

Kim said...

This was so cool. I like this blog verbosity test and didn't know anything about it. Mine are pretty short but it was fun to see. I'm following you back from Friday Follow.



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