Friday, 22 January 2010

When Blogging Makes Me Mad...

I love blogging! I've posted my pledge to blog with integrity and now, I think I would like to post on things that makes me mad when it comes to blogging...

#1-Imperfection (as in blog designs and layout)
Typo or grammar mistakes aside, I am really mad when I realized there is imperfection on my blog. And yesterday, I just noticed something not right with my blog design and layout.

You see, I had just added in the HTML codes to my blog sidebar which shows a slide show of the icons and images links to other websites and blogs I like and decided to test it out. (btw, thanks to sneakymommablogdesign for the codes!)

It looks real nice as it scrolls the images of the websites/blogs upwards and when you hover your mouse over the image, the slide show animation will stop - waiting for your action.

If you move your cursor away, the slide show will resume, else if you decides to click the image, it will launch you to the appropriate websites/blogs which is tied to the images.

Anyway, it looks real nice (I don't know about you guys, but I love it!!) as I view it using Mozilla.... and then I read one of the comments posted that it can't be viewed from Internet Explorer (IE)

So, I proceeded to load my blog from IE as well and crap crap crap... The slide show works perfectly fine as it does on Mozilla but I noticed some other things not shown in IE!

This is my blog loaded from Mozilla browser.

Noticed under the "My Recent Posts" sidebar which actually shows some preview of the recent posts in my blog?

Its actually one of those widgets you can add in from Blogger. It will display your recent posts titles, the initial description (depending on how long you want to display), the date and number of comments for the posts.

Anyway, I love this widget as it gives a quick view to me and hopefully my blog readers about the latest posts in my blog and they can just click straight to one of these recent posts instead of having to scroll down or look it up in the archive options.

Now, here is the same thing but loaded using Internet Explorer. Noticed there's nothing shown under "My Recent Posts"??!!!

How crappy!! Gaahhhh... I'm so furious! I'm sorry I didn't noticed about this as I've been using Mozilla for sometime now (love it!) and I didn't really want to remove this widget as it works perfectly fine in Mozilla!

So, I'm apologizing to all my blog readers who are using IE - sorry if you're looking at empty slots under the "My Recent Posts" - please note that it's not me... really... you can try to use Mozilla to view my blog and you know I'm not sh*tting kidding you...

Please understand that, when it comes to blogging, I have very very very high expectations of how my blog looks like to others. Ok, wait... let me rephrase that.. I have very very very high expectations that my blog MUST look absolutely nice and perfect to me before I publish out anything to others to see. So, I hope you understand my frustrations on this imperfection.

#2-Blog Slackers
When I said blog slackers, I mean they slack off from me from 1 source instead of going to the Internet and scout for designs, widgets, post ideas etc themselves.

Believe me, I get mad really annoyed knowing how others happily take my blog ideas - be it layout, widgets (which I spent lots of time looking and testing it out) or blog posts ideas (which I also spent lots of time cracking whatever that is left of my shrinking-brain-cells-which-I-blamed-on-breastfeeding).

It's really nasty, lazy and rude not nice that these blog slackers just happily took a look at my blog and happily applied it to their blog (minus all the hassles I've gone through).

All I want to tell these blog slackers is:
"Please stop parasiting (if there's ever such a word) from my blog.

If you have the time to go looking at my blog, you can make time to search the Net for the many many wonderful and awesome widgets and ideas around. Don't be lazy! Have some initiative to do some info searching and testing work instead of slacking off and parasite from my blog.

Yes, I don't own the blog design and widgets but we own our brain. The least we can do is use it to search for stuff ourselves instead of taking the easy way.

It's your own blog, so treat it like your own baby and nurture decorate it with your own ideas instead of looking at how others raise nurture and care for their babies blogs. Be creative and play around. Experiment. Don't just copy blindly. The joy and satisfaction is so much more gratifying when you see the results after your OWN creativity and hardwork."

(Btw, I've just added some HTML codes to put border in the images posted in my blog (tips from here). Rather than following the exact codes blindly, I experimented around and end up with a dashed style border, which is same like the separator found in my blog. I'm not a web designer but with a little bit of tinkering around and experimenting, it's very satisfying to see the end results of my own hardwork. I hope you do the same too!)

#3-Spam Comments
I've blogged about crappy commenter recently. 'Nuff said.

Thank you for reading my rants. I'm off to cool down now...


Debbie said...

And the saddest thing about people taking stuff from you? I have found that bloggers are universally helpful. If someone asked you how you did something, I bet you'd tell them!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Debbie,

Yeah... if someone ask me nicely (instead of sneaking around parasiting), I'd be glad to help!

Thanks for visiting btw! :D


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