Thursday, 28 January 2010

Baby Room Review - Jaya Jusco, Midvalley

Ben and I followed hubby for his appointment with a client at the Midvalley shopping mall. After I fed Ben with his solids and I had my breakfast at the cafe in the bookstore, I proceeded to push Ben in his stroller and start our shopping trip.

So, anyway here is the latest review of the baby room we had visited while I was shopping for Ben and my stuff...

When: 27th January 2010
Why: Mummy & baby shopping trip (to shop for Ben and mummy's shoes and stuff for the coming Chinese New Year on 14th Feb)
Location: Same floor with Kids department.
Description: The baby room is right next to the Ladies toilet but it is a very clean and quiet area , separate section actually from the toilets in which the baby room is only for nursing your baby. There's only 2 rooms for nursing / sleeping and 1 separate room for diaper changing (with about 2 diaper changing station and 1 sofa inside). Right next to the nursing room and diaper changing room, there's a toilet for parents with children. Not bad...

Location of the baby room:
I'd give it 8/10. There is proper signage once you are in Jaya Jusco and you can just follow the signs which will lead you to the baby room. I can actually nurse Benjamin happily in the individual room which is very spacious.

I'd give it 7/10. Dustbin, a power outlet, a small cushion stool (maybe for the daddy or other family member to sit while waiting) a comfy sofa for nursing mums and a baby crib in case your baby needs a place to sleep for a while.

I'm not quite happy with the baby crib as one of the section is taken out, leaving it not fully enclosed. A bit worried that a child may roll off the bed and fall on to the floor. What I did was I pulled the baby crib close to the sofa where I was sitting.

Comfort Level:
I'd give it 9/10. The room has a nice setting and is comfortably lit, spacious, cosy, a bit cold for me (well at least there's good air circulation come to think of it) but I guess its OK for Ben cos' he sweats easily.

Ben slept about half an hour here until I was freaking cold bored with nothing to do (we were just out shopping for about half an hour when he starts fussing to have his nap time.

So I gently carried him and placed him back in the stroller and he continues sleeping for another hour and a half while his mummy go
crazy with shopping! I managed to buy Ben's new shoes (size 5), my new sandals, some new panties, baby wipes, a baby & toddler home made healthy recipe book (since I'm starting to run out of ideas on what to make for Ben's solids)

What I don't like:
The baby crib which is not fully enclosed - really not happy with it. Oh, and the sofa is quite low for my standard. I mean, if you have to carry a 10kg baby while breastfeeding and then need to stand up or something, it will feel very very heavy and tiring if you are seated quite low.

But suffice to say, I would go here again anytime since I feel very very at ease with the baby rooms, just that I think any mothers who plans to let their baby sleep in the baby crib need to be very careful and keep a close watch on their baby just in case they rolled off the crib. Or you can do like what I did, pulled the baby crib closer to the sofa so that if baby does rolled off the crib, they will just land on your lap. :D


5thsister said...

I have never heard of "baby rooms". It's a great idea for nursing moms. I don't know about placing my infant, however, in a crib on whose sheets other infants have slept. I'm kind of a neurotic germ-a-phobe. But since I no longer have infants it's a moot point, any way! Have a wonderful day.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Polly,
I did told myself must put a layer of nappy cloth before I placed Ben on the mattress but the moment he fell asleep and starts getting heavy, I totally forgot about it until I saw how peaceful Ben looks asleep on the mattress. Then I was like... ahhhh... what the heck,... I don't want to disturb the little man's sleep...

machinistofpunk said...

cools.. loved the review.. although i stumbled upon ur blog due to my work.. interesting enough.. would definitely go through ur blog when i have a kid on my own.. cheers full time mummy!


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