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Hidden Dangers of Soy?

Yesterday night after our shopping trip at Midvalley, we brought Ben to his paed clinic for a check up and during our conversation, the topic of feeding came up. I actually asked the paed what sort of milk we need to get for Ben if one day I stopped producing breast milk (of course I intend to breastfeed for as long as I can!).

You see, since the 1st day we brought Ben back from the hospital after birth, there has never been a speck of formula milk in our house before... so it's kinda silly for us to be asking this but I had to, just as a precautionary step I guess... the paed told us to hold off the fresh milk until Ben is around 2 years old and to get the infant formula milk instead. The reason fresh milk is a no-no is because of its high protein content - now, fresh milk from cow is actually meant for its calf... not human babies...

(image taken from

Then we asked what about soymilk. The paed's wife (who helps out at the reception counter) told us not to give soymilk as the paed association recently issued an article on the dangers of soymilk. She couldn't locate the article that time and told us she will let us know once she found the article.

Of course, I was curious, so decided to snoop around on the Net and found the following:
  • What Are the Hidden Dangers of Soy? - "Too much soy in your diet can cause symptoms such as nausea, bloating, gastric disorders, unusual weight gain, palpitations, shortness of breath and lack of energy. oy can cause thyroid damage, infertility, low testosterone in men, hair loss, digestive problems, early puberty in girls, and the development of breasts in boys."
  • Soy Milk Dangers
  • The Truth about Soy (check out this website for some other links provided for further reading)
  • Phytoestrogens & Your Baby - "The fact is that soy formula fed infants appear to be at real risk of long term thyroid damage."
  • Soy Hidden Dangers - (check out this website for some other links provided for further reading)
Of course, the keyword here is "TOO MUCH".

I personally drank soybean milk about 2-3 times a week when I was pregnant with Ben and to date, occasionally have it as well (about once a week).

Now what is your take on this?


5thsister said...

Wow! I had no idea. Thanks for the information and links!

Wei Yun said...

I know of some friends who feed their young children only soy milk and not cow's milk. Reason being all the hormones, pesticides and antibiotics claimed to be found in cow's milk.

But the irony is, if you were to do a search on the dangers of cow's milk, you will also find many startling articles out there. So, how to judge?!

Some links:

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Polly,
No problem with the links. Just sharing the info! :D

Wei Yun,
Yeah, I did look up the dangers of cow's milk as well and yes, there are tons of links to it as well. That's why they say breast is still the best! :D

Wei Yun said...

Jenny, I agree breastmilk is the best. But the question is, after that - what next? At some point, the young children still need certain beverages. Cannot be breastfeeding till age 12 right? hehe... : )

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yeah Wei Yun,

That's why we asked the paed after breastmilk, what's next? And the topic of fresh milk, formula milk and soymilk came about.

But the point is, everything also has its hidden dangers... just that how much is too much for it to be in danger levels, huh?

The paed did mentioned fresh milk preferably after 2 years old. Until then, go for formula milk if no longer breastfeeding.

Wei Yun said...

Ya, you're right - it boils down to how much is too much... I don't think we can ever ascertain that.

thirdy_smom said...

We are very much careful not to give our little Tri any food that has soy in it. His NBS (new born screening) shows he's positive with G6PD and soy is no. 1 NO NO

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Anne!

Oh no... G6PD? But a lot of food products has soy in it... :(

thirdy_smom said...

Yah, and I think that is also why Tri is a very picky eater. careful careful careful. Although the effect of soy may not be that much, the doctor said he may only show a little allergy-like symptoms if exposed to it. He only got positive 48hrs after his birth. We're gonna get him to a confirmatory test (which cost a lot by the way), just to know if he's still positive.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hey Anne,

Hmm... I do remember being told during the antenatal class that Asians are at higher risks of contracting G6PD and it is one of the initial test done the moment you delivered your baby.

The scary thing is there may be soy in the food products but what if they are not highlighted in the ingredients?

Like sometimes when I go grocery shopping, I always always like to go to the baby food section even though I home made Ben's food, I wanted to see what are the jar/processed foods available and see their ingredients.

Some stated organic and natural ingredients suitable for 6 mths+ but I see sugar and salt listed in the contents. I mean, babies below 1 yr old are best to avoid taking sugar and salt (else their kidneys will be affected cos they need to process and digest it) but still companies market it with nice jargon and all... :(

thirdy_smom said...

You're right! manufacturing companies sometimes do not declare all that are on the ingridients (for sales sake?!). Thanks for the wonderful info, "Ate" (Big Sis) Jenny! keep it coming

Candy and Cake said...

Very interesting! Guess it's better to drink what God has made naturally? Probably better for adults than children?
Thank you for sharing this, is very informative!
Have a blessed day!

Michelle Hart said...

I don't really like soy anything, so this was never really an issue in our house. But definately good information to know. Thanks for sharing.

Stopping by from SITS Saturday sharefest!

Anonymous said...

My body does not like soy at all! And let me tell you, it is really hard to find soy-free stuff out there. SO many products include it now....I breast fed both of my kiddos until they were almost two and then moved them over to an organic milk. We don't give them massive amounts, only with meals.

Dawn said...

Hey there!

Okay- as a mom and pediatric nurse I will give my 2cents worth.

Read everything- THEN take what makes sense to you and employ it where you can and see what results you get.

I breast fed 5 of my 6 kids. Some of them went to soy formula after weaning and some went right to cow's milk.
All of them grew and developed on or above level and all are highly intelligent. Some of my kids have cow milk allergy even as grown ups while others out grew that and drink milk daily as young teens.
We eat organic when I can get it into them without them realizing it... same for alternate protein sources.
I have an allergy to soy that causes the bloating and nausea as well as making my face and throat go numb... I avoid it for myself but the kids eat it.
I also have allergy to cow's milk so I limit that greatly.
Key words to remember:
ANYTHING in excess is not good...even things that are good for you.
Use your judgement- you know you child better than anyone else ever could.
This is way longer than I intended so ... Have a great day!

Melissa B. said...

Both my kids were raised on soy milk as babies, since their tummies couldn't tolerate cow's milk. Now, all these years later, no problems. Fingers crossed!

Wei Yun said...

Micha also has G6PD. I was told by doctor to avoid mothballs and fava beans. Wasn't told about soy.

And he's been drinking soya milk - since about 20 months. He's almost 24 months now.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Anne,
Oh wow! I'm suddenly being promoted to be your cyber sis huh? Thanks thanks, hope I'm leading by example ;p

Hey Candy and Cake & Michelle Hart,
Glad you find the post informative & have a blessed day as well!

Hi thesurpriselily,
I'm also hoping to breastfeed for as long as I can (and as long as Ben wants) so that I do not have to worry so much about all this ... yet... ;p

Hi Dawn,
Oh wow.. thanks for your great input!

Hello Melissa B,
My 2nd niece is also on soymilk since she has allergies towards cow's milk and never been on breastmilk. So I'm also hoping she's turning out fine... crossing fingers with ya'...

Hi Wei Yun,
Soy beans are also a no-no for G6PD ppl according to these websites:

Anonymous said...

hey jen,

thanks for visiting my eyeARTyou site. i wonder how you found that site as I have yet promoted it to public.

anw, i have heard about the soy milk effects but i discovered about the an organic soy milk that does not have the danger and risk.

i began drinking soy milk by melilea since nov'09. dun worry, am not a mlm agent but i simply love that health product because i know its source and preparation. so i thought i should share with you what i know about their non harmful organic soy. 2 cent worth from junior ;)

Pls view these 2 sites and read on to further understand what I've discovered :


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Jo!

Saw your website posted in your Facebook profile after you updated on being involved in a flea market this week, so went over to check out your profile & website.

Thanks for the links on the organic soy ya! :D

Kathy said...

We are a soy free household-TOTALLY messes with my hormones. our kids were breastfed and then went to goats milk :)


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