Tuesday, 25 August 2009

So long WWF!!

I started donating to WWF back in year 2000. The volunteer came over to the company asking us to sign up for the monthly donation. During that time, you can choose to donate as low as RM20 per month.

So I signed up for it and every month without fail, RM20 will be auto debited from my credit card.
I earnestly update the WWF (their auto debit programme is managed by another company called Sharity Greetings) when my credit card expired and I got new credit card, when my handbag was snatched and I had a new credit card, when I moved house from Cheras to Klang to PJ where I am now...

Throughout these 9 years, I have received regular bulletins, magazines, calendars, toasters, pins etc from WWF which I enjoyed getting and I'm proud to be walking past the volunteers who sometimes scours around my previous office area looking for contributors. I'd go past them and if they stopped me, I'd say 'Don't waste time on me, go for other ppl. I've been donating to WWF since 2000, keep up the good work!' :)

Anyway, I've to stop this tradition already. Now that I'm a full-time mummy, I have to look into all the channels where my money is going out to. RM20 for a year will total up to RM240, a small sum if I'm still working, but not now.

As much as I really would like to help the animals (I prefer helping animals cos they can't speak up!), I have to stop donating for now.
With this, so long WWF. I may not be supporting you financially, but I will always support you guys mentally!! :D


Mumzzy said...

it was a good thing you're doing. Even though i'm working, i find it tough to donate sometimes...having a kid is quite an investment! spend here and there, at the end of the day...where my $ gone?

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Hi Mumzzy!

And to think we already save so much by breastfeeding!


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