Saturday, 8 August 2009

New books & games for Ben!

I totally forgot to blog this up! We bought some books & games for Ben last week - I totally loved it... (ermmm... now we're wondering who's the baby here?! hehehe...)

Anyway, below are some of the pictures I snap of the books & games we got Ben:

This is a pack of flash cards I got from Popular Bookstore for about RM20/=. Each of the flashcard is about 5mm thick, not easy to bend and tear, and each of the animal portion have some sort of smooth silky surface so drools can easily be wipe away from it. But not for the rest of the flash card portion tho'... For now, Ben is more interested in the colours of each card and trying to stuff each of em' into his mouth... :D

Ok, being a Christian, I do tend to scout for bible/Christian related materials for my baby :) I'm so superbly happy I found this at Popular Bookstore. It costs about RM20/= as well.

And... this just in... I just got Ben to show me (pointing with his index finger) where is the bird-bird on the cover of the book! Score!!!!

When you flip open the book, it has those lift up tabs on certain areas of the page. You will be surprised at what you can find on each tabs that you lift/pull up! I'm just a sucker for this type of books! :D

This is the 2nd book - New Testament. I have yet to start this. Thought I'd let Ben get used to the Old Testament one first. :)


Mark said...

Religious programming at an early age. :)

I kinda prefer the pages which are either made of cloth or 1cm thick. =-P Books don't last too long with a lot of kids around. =-P


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Actually I'm also very picky at getting childrens books. I don't believe in red coloured dogs or purple coloured dino. Made me kinda regret buying that nursery ryhmes book. Hmmm...

Mark said...

Haha, what's wrong with red dogs and purple dinos!?

Aren't those exactly what "Big Red Dog" and "Barney" are?

Or "Denver The Last Dinosaur"...but I think he was more blueish...

You can always donate whatever you don't like! ;)


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Shushhhhh.. we don't mention the names.. ltr get sued how ar?!!! :P

Mark said...

Hm? Are we not allowed to say brandnames? =-P

My site's pretty small, I doubt I'd get noticed, don't know about yours.

Any publicity is good publicity!






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