Sunday, 23 August 2009

New toys for Ben!

Ok, we have just unwrapped another gift toy we got during Ben's fullmoon party. It's a Dunk & Cheer Basketball toy.

And look at Ben when he's playing the toy!

If you put in 3 AA batteries, you can hear sounds of people cheering for you when you slamdunk the mini basket ball! :D Cool! And the height can be adjusted as well when your child grows and can stand up so it's kind of a neat toy, which can last for sometime.

For now, Ben is just curious with the sounds and the round twirling caps at the top which is supposed to be the scoreboard (also emit sounds when you spin it). Other than that, he pretty much prefers to chew on the basketball net instead of dunking the balls in. :P


Mumzzy said...

nice one...our future national basketball player!

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Thanks Mumzzy! Hahaha... actually the mum & dad more excited with the toy than the baby la... cos everytime dunk the ball in, got sounds of ppl cheering for you, so siok! :P


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