Friday, 12 June 2009

Of laughter and joy...

I made Ben laughed yesterday! What a glorious and joyful sound! I thought babies aren't supposed to start laughing until they were like 4-5 months old?

Anyway, I was just changing Ben's diaper on the changing table as usual and was talking to him how he sometimes tried to sneeze but at the last minute the sneeze just went away and Ben would be going 'ah--ah---ahhhhhhhhhh.....' instead of the usual 'ah-ah-achooooo!' and all of a sudden Ben started smiling cheekily. As if mummy just let out a big secret of his.

So I repeated what I said, acting out his failed-to-sneeze reaction and his smile grew wider... and then he started laughing! I repeated a few times and he continued laughing, so I called daddy over to hear it (I need witness for my achievement!! :P)

Daddy crept up behind me and heard Ben's laughter and took the digital camera and start recording behind my back. (Ben is very alert with cameras around, he goes macho-macho and serious looking the moment he spotted a camera) so we managed to record a few minutes of me making Ben laughed... until Ben noticed the camera and he goes into his macho mode.

We tried it again at night when my brother in law dropped by and Ben did the same thing... laughing and chuckling at us.

What a joyful sound and sight to see Ben in this way... I thank God for blessing us with this precious child. :)

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