Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Full time mummy - day 1

I've just quit my job on 5th June 2009 and am now spending my 1st day as a full time mummy... Benjamin woke up this morning and was smiling cheekily - makes me wonder whether he knew today onwards his mummy is going to take care of him full time.

He looks around as if noticing its already past 9am and mummy is still around at home. Normally hubby would have fetched me to office by 8.45am and Benjamin would have been placed downstairs with his mah-mah (aka granny) but today seems to be different.

Benjamin gleefully played with his bolster, clutching it with his hands and legs and rolling it side to side, chuckling and cooing at the bolster that seems to be moving on its own. His chuckles and squeals woke hubby up and after a while, hubby joined in to play along with Benjamin.

After about an hour of playing, Benjamin starts to fuss and wants his nen-nen (that's breastmilk to you who don't quite catch the baby talk yet!), so I get ready to feed him. I lay next to him and let him suckles . Previously when I go to work, Benjamin would've been drinking my breastmilk from the baby bottle but now he looks contented and suckles long until he fell asleep.

After a while, I carried him up and placed him into the baby craddle and he continued sleeping - while I start creating this blog.

I will blog whenever time permits, noting down my joy and life with hubby and Benjamin now, my new profession as a full time mummy, my past experience and memories of working life, pregnant phase etc etc.. whatever that comes to mind.

Until then, stay on and wish me luck in this new journey of my life...

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