Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fussed and over-stimulated...

Ben was so fussy yesterday - we suspected it was because we over-stimulated him (thanks to me!) with all the playing and talking and singing... until about 10.30pm, I brought him downstairs where mah-mah is still watching TV cos daddy wants to rest for a roadshow tomorrow.

So mah-mah hugged Ben on her lap while she was lying on the sofa while I sat at mah-mah's fave chair and watched TV together. Ben was quiet for about half hour, after which he starts to fuss again. So we say nite-nite to mah-mah and I carried him upstairs to our room again.

Daddy was surprised that Ben is still not asleep and took over carrying him. Then Ben started crying... he looks so sad and for us, its kind of heart-aching seeing that. In the end, I suggested giving Ben his nen-nen (his next feed is supposed to be 1 hour later) and daddy placed Ben next to me on the bed.

And Ben starts to suckle... until he fell asleep... haaaaaa.... finally peace and quiet again... and no more worries of why Ben is crying and fussing.

This morning when Ben wakes up at 9am, he goes big-eyed and quiet...staring at me again like yesterday, as if trying to think again 'hey...mummy is still here... let me wait a while and see whether its a dream or what'... and when I said my usual line of 'Morning sunshine!' at him, he gave me a big smile.

I've gotta start creating a timetable of activities with him soon. Play, teach, feed, sleep those sort of things in orderly fashion. But meanwhile, Sunshine... let's play! :)

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