Friday, 19 June 2009

3-month-old baby's milestone

Hmm... let's see... Ben is 3 and a half months old now, so just curious and want to check whether he is doing what he is supposed to be doing at babies around his age... I got this off from this website (

Milestones this month*

  • Your baby can bring his hands together. (Check!! Ben started doing this during these few days...)

  • With a mighty effort, baby can raise his chest, supported by his arms, when he lies on his stomach. (Check!! Actually Ben did this around 1 month old+!)

  • Baby can roll over (one way). (Check! Though not often we get to see him doing that...yet...)

  • He reaches for objects. (Check! Seriously, no kidding... my hair is currently one of the easiest thing he can grab hold off nowadays...)

  • Baby can put some weight on his legs when you hold him upright. (Actually, you can practically feel his whole butt resting on your arms, not just his legs... so then again, I'm not sure whether this apply or not?)

  • He makes sounds like "ah goo." (Check!! He makes all kinds sounds... ah goo, anggu, amma, buuuu...)

  • Baby laughs out loud. (Check! And I'm proud to announce that I'm the first person to get Ben laughs!)

  • He squeals when he's happy. (Check! Actually nowadays Ben squeals at everything, alot of times... whether he just wokes up, whether he's playing with his bolster, whether he's listening to me reading him children Bible stories)

  • Baby smiles spontaneously. (Check! Ben nowadays will give me a cheeky smile the moment he wakes up, when I said "Morning Sunshine!")

  • He can focus on very small objects. (Check! He focuses on a lot of things now. Just noticed today he was staring and focusing on the flowery patterns on his bolster)
  • Baby turns toward the sound of a familiar voice. (Check! He is now able to turn around when he hears my voice, or daddy's )

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